IT and Data Security – A burning issue indeed!

Picture this – You are sitting in your office, and you suddenly get an alert on your phone which leaves you Aghast – INR 23,500 debited from your account linked to phone number XXXXXX. You don’t remember/recall giving any ECS clearances nor visiting a shopping mall or doing any banking transaction in the past 3 hours. So, how could this possibly have happened?

This precisely is one area that is of growing concern – not only to individuals, but also to organizations as well. There is so much of data that’s being exchanged internally and externally, left by us without our knowledge, etc. And, once this data enters the wrong hands, DATA SECURITY becomes an issue of paramount importance.

So, what exactly is DATA SECURITY? In simple terms, it is the process of ensuring that your data is secured and protected from any kind of unauthorized access. This doesn’t stop this alone – it also involves encrypting the data and having a system in place to secure and protect it from ever evolving threat vectors.

As an organization, you have multiple files, loads of accounts on your several networks and offices across the globe, ample amounts of customer data and the like. BUT – do you have any REGULATION and DATA PROTECTION? Are there mechanisms in place which identifies:

  • How important the data is along with its type?
  • The sensitivity of the data under consideration
  • Who has access to that data?
  • The regulatory compliances required to be adhered to.

If you answered in the affirmative, you have already taken your first step towards DATA SECURITY. HybridHive offers you advisory and integration services in this area. Reach out to us and you will only be happy that you did!

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