IT Infrastructure / Cloud

IT Infrastructure / Cloud

Assess and Advise

Service helps to assess the workloads which are right fit for any cloud service delivery model and also understand the disposition parameters & characteristics for application containerization
DC IT Optimization, Automation will assess and evaluate the current & future state requirements of business, IT Infra and operations needs and provide a report with steps how an organization needs to consolidate and optimize leveraging best breed of technologies and processes.
Using cloud migration tools and guidance to help organizations accelerate journey and move workloads from anywhere to anywhere with clear visibility and confidence.
IT Infrastructure / Cloud

Strategy & Roadmap

This service helps organizations develop programmable, dynamic, flexible, scalable connectivity to support changing demands in the DC (data center) and on core networks and across WAN networks
This service helps organizations to create Cloud strategy roadmap & blueprint enabling to create a platform for applications and infrastructure, built on two or more components from various hyperscalers, private cloud, and on-premises IT.
This service helps customer to create a deployment strategy of orchestration and automation across Cloud native and on-premise IT estates.

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