Security & Privacy

Security & Privacy

Assess and Advise

This service provides a consultative approach that helps to understand the gaps that exist between present and future state with a clear visibility of maturity levels bench-marked with the industry standards and frameworks
Service enables Organizations to assess and evaluate their compliance readiness before implementing any of the standards thereby enabling them to take informed decisions in blending the balance between cost and remediation controls
Data provides a critical foundation for every operation of organization. Protecting and using it securely is central to a zero trust strategy. This service enables organizations with data protection, privacy and sovereignty challenges with a complete end-to-end compliance solution
Evaluation of how resilient your network security is to attacks in order to identify weaknesses that might give attackers access to your environment. This service allows to monitor and analysis your network traffic to identify whether attackers can access sensitive information.
Security & Privacy

Strategy & Roadmap

This service provides a strategic approach that helps to establish the future state of the posture of cyber security for an enterprise.
This service will allow organizations to develop strategies on the adoption of compliance standards
This service enables organizations develop strategies for data security, protection and privacy for an end-to-end readiness
This service helps organizations to create IT & OT Integration strategies to secure their environment from any external threat vectors

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